Leadership expectations and support in preparation of high school students to serve as global citizens: A South Texas case study




Kenon, Vanessa Hammler

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This research project sought to discover how a South Texas high school program was designed and utilized to prepare all of its students in the area of global awareness and intercultural competence. The increased number of international students entering colleges and universities has increased competition for U.S. students seeking admission to universities worldwide. In addition, if the U.S. is to remain competitive in this global economy, U.S. students need an increase in real life, intercultural experiences prior to reaching university classrooms and globalized workplaces. This qualitative case study investigated leadership awareness and practices in regards to equitable access to curriculum that is equal to other high schools in the community, state and national level. Curriculum addressing global education and its importance as high school graduates face competition entering higher education, the workplace and as they seek to address global issues were examined. The study also evaluated the tools used to prepare students for global competency. This qualitative narrative case study observed and collected curriculum artifacts, and interviewed leadership participants. The study concluded that the leadership in a majority of the campus areas was working hard to provide global education curriculum, but there were many gaps in the system including that only about a third of the students in the advanced study courses have access to an adequate global education curriculum. The reasons for the gaps were mostly due to lack of technology, lack of funding resources, and lack of professional development for staff.


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Access, Equity, Global Curriculum, Globalization, International, Low SES



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies