Synchronous multidimensional optical code division multiple access

Karovalia, Sohel
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An all-optical multi-access network is a collection of multiple nodes where the interconnection among various nodes is via single- or multi-mode fiber optics and for which they perform all their essential signal processing requirements such as switching, add-drop, multiplexing/demultiplexing and amplification in the optical domain. Optical CDMA networking is one possible technique that allows multiple users in local area networks to access the same fiber channel asynchronously with no delay or scheduling.

Search for codes suitable to the optical domain is one of the important topics addressed in the literature on optical CDMA. Existing codes developed in the early 90's are limited to single class traffic or can support multiclass traffic but with restrictions on code lengths and weights. Also the number of generated codes is severely limited due to orthogonality issues. In this thesis, we pay particular attention to propose new codes that can support multiclass traffic with arbitrary code weights and lengths. We proposed an optical CDMA system based on polarization encoding. Finally we simulated a synchronous three dimensional OCDMA technique to attain the best performance of OCDMA.

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Multidimensional, OCDMA
Electrical and Computer Engineering