The Effect of Soy Supplementation on Body Composition and Metabolic Risk Amongst Peri-early Menopausal Women: A Pilot Study




Umana, Christian Kevin

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We sought to determine the effect of daily soy supplementation on abdominal fat, lipid profile and circulating inflammatory markers CR-p and IL-6 in peri and early-menopausal women.

Study Design

This was a 6-month double-blinded placebo-controlled trial. Subjects were peri- and early menopausal women. Twelve subjects were evenly and randomly assigned to either the intervention (25 g soy protein + 2 capsules containing 160 mg isoflavones) or Placebo Group (25 g whey protein + 2 cellulose filled capsules). Study outcomes included anthropometrics; total and abdominal fat by DEXA; lipids profile by Cholestech LDX; serum levels of C-Reactive Protein (CR-p) and Interleukin 6 (IL-6) by immunoassay. Data were collected as baseline and at 6 months.


Subjects in Intervention Group had significantly increased HDL as compared to those of the Placebo Group post intervention. When within-subject comparisons were made, it was found that subjects with soy supplementation had significantly decreased waist circumference, LDL, and CR-p (p≤.05), as well as increased HDL at study endpoint. In comparison, subjects in the Placebo Group only had a significant decrease in CR-p (p<.05).


A six-month soy supplementation intervention reduced waist circumference and favorably change lipid profile and inflammatory biomarkers among peri- and early menopausal women.


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abdominal fat, isoflavone, menopause, peri-early menopausal, soy



Health and Kinesiology