Archaeological survey and backhoe testing for flume no. 3 right-of-way at Coleto Creek Reservoir, Goliad County, Texas




Brown, Kenneth M.

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


During August 1983, archaeological survey and testing were conducted at Flume No. 3 for the Coleto Creek power plant reservoir in Goliad County, Texas. The work included survey of the entire Flume No. 3 route, testing one site (41 GD 30B) located at the flume outlet on Coleto Creek, survey and testing of an alternate flume route downstream, and testing at another site designated 41 GD 31. The right-of-way survey revealed a historic site (41 GD 48) in the proposed spoil area; no further work is recommended at this site. Testing at 41 GD 30B provided necessary additional information on the site's area and depth. It was judged that the flume outflow could damage the integrity of the site, and that the site should be avoided or the impact mitigated. Survey and testing of the alternate, downstream flume route indicated this route provides the best alternative for reservoir outflow since no cultural resources were found on the surface and a possible buried component at 41 GD 31 would probably be too deeply buried to be affected.



archaeological investigation, archaeology, Texas archaeology, Indians of North America, Coleto Creek Reservoir, Goliad County, Berger Bluff site, Angostura point